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Programme Overview

This cross-phase programme aims to develop expert practitioners and ‘behaviour professionals’ that can confidently deliver advice, guidance and training in their schools/academies and others, both regionally & nationally. This course will focus on relational based practice, trauma-informed approaches, including the development of children.


The programme is aimed at cross-phase Middle/Senior leaders, Team leaders, HLTAs & Aspiring team leaders.


On successful completion of the Positive Regard Specialist Training Programme, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver practitioner training in their own setting and externally for Positive Regard
  • Deliver Positive Regard instructor training
  • Support external schools for Positive Regard
  • Assist on Behaviour Reviews
  • Assist on Millennial Need Training

Day 1

Module 1 (Theory)

Approach & Personal Values – Unconditional Positive Regard.

Module 2 (Theory)

Understanding the effects of trauma on the developing brain.

Day 2

Module 3 (Theory)

Developing and implementing strategies for trauma-informed, attachment aware practice.

Module 4 (Theory)

Post-crisis management, planning for crisis, monitoring, whole-school planning and strategic systems.

Day 3

Module 5 (Assessment)

Training and delivering for professional development – creating experts and succession planning.

Day 4

*Due to COVID-19 this immersed session will be reviewed in line with Government guidance.

Module 6 (Observation & Analysis)

Participants will experience a culture of Positive Regard by immersing themselves within one of our settings.

Day 5

Module 7 (Planning & Reflection)

1:1 Reflection & Planning for Final Assessment