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First Aid for Mental Health Courses CHOOSE A COURSE BELOW

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Level 1 Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health

Wellbeing is now in the Ofsted framework. Having at least one member of staff in your school trained in Mental Health First Aid contributes massively to this agenda.

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Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health

This one-day course will cover the content of the Level 1 course, and will also expand course members’ knowledge on the effects of drugs and alcohol, understand the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan and how to support a positive mental health culture within your setting.


Level 2 First Aid for Mental Health Youth

This one day course has been designed with children and young people in mind covering areas such as depression, self-harm, eating disorders and bullying and will provide the knowledge and skills to identify a potential mental health conditions, start a conversation, and provide support and guidance to professional help.


Level 3 Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

This two day course will cover content of both the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications as well as upskilling delegates to be able to supervise First Aid for Mental Health and their First Aiders for Mental Health within their setting. Course members will gain a greater understanding of the wide range of mental health conditions and the support and help that is provided by healthcare professionals.