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Team Teach – Level 1

Programme Overview

All our courses are delivered by experienced, knowledgeable trainers. They carefully consider the training needs of participants to ensure they can confidently put positive behaviour management strategies into action in their school.

Increasing safety, and reducing restraint. While our courses focus on de-escalation and communication strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour without physical intervention, they also cover positive handling training for schools and other education settings which minimise restraint and intrusive intervention.



Anyone who is operating in a low-risk primary or secondary school setting would benefit from this course. This course is also suitable for anyone working in low-risk adult or children’s service settings.


Upon completing this course, a participant will be able to fully understand the rationale and principles of the Team Teach approach:

  • Participants will be fully aware of which strategies are most appropriate for any given situation, and will have a far deeper understanding of the causes of disruptive behaviour.
  • They will be equipped with the expertise and confidence to stay safe, to carry out simple de-escalation strategies, and to apply basic positive handling, mostly focused on guiding and
    escorting service users.
  • Upon successful completion, participants will receive certification which is valid for 36 months.


  • Background to Team Teach
  • The Legal Framework
  • Understanding Aggression
  • How feelings drive behaviours
  • De-escalation and diffusion
  • Personal Safety
  • Positive Handing – mainly guiding and escorting safely*
  • Repair, Reflection and Review

*If a greater degree of holding is required, please get in contact and enquire about our Level Two – 12 Hour course.

We also offer the option for you to host our training in your school/service. Please get in touch to find out more.



Level 1

*Discounts are available depending on cohort size and level of training required